YSRCP Unable to digest the C Voter Survey Poll Results

YSRCP cadres and leaders were shell shocked seeing the survey poll results published by Times Now which were conducted by C Voter.According to the survey poll published by Times Now, if the elections are held right now, YSRCP can win in 12 Parliament seats as opposed to what YSRCP was claiming that it would sweep all the parliament seats across Seemandhra.TDP would grab 9 Parliament seats increasing its seat count from 6 parliament seats in 2009,TRS will get 9 Parliament seats as opposing to what it has been saying that it would sweep all the parliament seats in Telangana, But this is a good sign to TRS as its seat count will be increased from 2 in 2009 to 9 in next elections according to the survey.Congress will be reduced to 8 Parliament seats in Andhra Pradesh which is sending jitters to party high command as Andhra Pradesh parliament seats are crucial for Congress in forming the governement in centre.

Analysts feel that with YSRCP party president Y.S.Jagan still behind bars and a no expected date of his release, the party future looks bleak.Its decreasing popularity is in disguise helping TDP to regain its hold in the state.Jagan Mohan Reddy releasing from the jail in the near future seems to be almost impossible looking the present scenario with ED tightening its hold around the case and rumours that Jagan will be shifted to Tihar jail is sending wrong signals to YSRCP party cadre and also the leaders are said to be very concerned with the loosing popularity and symapathy on the party.

Everything right now, seems to be indication that no party will have single largest majority in the state and everyone will have thier share.But, it is one more year till the elections and many things change.So, lets hope a true leader who can guide the state in the right direction gets the majority!!