DGP Dinesh appeals for two-year fixed term

The Andhra Pradesh police boss DGP V Dinesh Reddy appealed  the central administrative tribunal (CAT) to direct both the Centre and the state governments to accord him a fixed two-year tenure as DGP in accordance with the order of the Supreme Court. 

The DGP, who is going to retire by the end of next month, contended that his two-year fixed tenure would end in September 2014 and wants the government to retain him as DGP till then.

 The Supreme Court gave the direction to the all states have to ensure a fixed two-year term for DGPs irrespective of the superannuation dates of the officers concerned. This was given during the Prakash singh’s case. Dinesh Reddy pointed out this example in his appeal. Tamil Nadu has done this and Andhra Pradesh can follow suit, he requested. He also cited the current volatile law and order situation in the state to validate his stand. The DGP  also sought a direction that he should not be disturbed during the pendency of this petition and this should be irrespective of his superannuation at the end of September 2013